Raspicam_node error during catkin_make

hello, I am trying to install ‘raspicam_node’ package however I am getting an error while running catkin_make command i.e:
*** No rule to make target ‘/opt/vc/lib/libbcm_host.so’, needed by ‘/home/ubuntu/catkin_ws/devel/lib/raspicam_node/raspicam_node’. Stop.

I didnot get any error uptil this during installation process.I have install ROS noetic on ubuntu server 20.04
please let me know how to tackle this issue,Thankyou

Hello @kartiki15 ,

What tutorial are you following for the installation?

hii ,
since i have raspberry pi 3 B+ ,ubuntu-mate was working very slow so i installed ubuntu server20.04 and rest i followed the instructions provided in this course reagarding ros noetic installation (since ubuntu 20.4 supports ros noetic).
i had created catkin workspace without any error with cakin_make however when i clone raspicam_node repository it gives error while catkin_make

Hello @kartiki15 ,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to reproduce it so that I can do some tests, so it’s hard for me to debug it. Also, the person in charge of this course is not available until next week.

However, I’ve done a quick search of your error message so let me suggest a couple of things you can try:

  1. Try running the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --reinstall libraspberrypi0 libraspberrypi-dev libraspberrypi-doc libraspberrypi-bin
  1. Try running the command rpi-update