Real robot lab kept timing out

I was using one of my real robot lab sessions tonight but i kept getting timeout errors. The site kept saying that the playback was disconnected and all of the windows would get disconnected causing me to have to set things up again repeatedly. I am using firefox, but this is the first time that it has happened. Could I get one more session this week? I cleared my browsers cookies and cache, so hopefully that resolves the issue? I’m not sure

Yes, I have given you more tries. Where was this playback was disconnected message? Was the entire website reloading?

It shouldn’t matter wether you use Firefox or Chrome, but try it in Chrome to check if you see a difference.

I don’t think the entire website reloaded. the popup just appeared and each of the terminal windows and the gazebo window disconnected and reloaded. I did not try it on chrome yet, only on firefox. I will try it on chrome today. Thank you

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