Real robot lab loaded another project

After finishing one of the rosjects that uses the Turtlebot3 I started to the real robot lab in order to test my scripts. However, when launched Real Robot Lab, it loaded another rosject that I haven’t finished by that time and the mark that the program gave was 0/10. I think this is an error on the real robot lab page, because I never had the option to choose the rosject in which I was working. I am interested in getting the certificate, so is there any manner to remove the 0 mark since it was an error and actually nothing was tested?
Thank you.

Hi Tomas,

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The grade for the Real Robot Lab (RRL) project is not automatically assigned. So the grade you see now just means you have not been graded.

When you launch the RRL, a rosject might be loaded automatically, but you can go back and load another one (I’m sorry about this, we are looking for ways to make this more intuitive).

In order to get the marks for your RRL project, you need to contact us and schedule a live presentation where your work will be graded.

If this does not clarify, please let me know your doubts.

Got it!
Thank you for the clarification.

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