Real robot lab session - can not connect


I booked a session for 15:00-15:30 and I could not connect.
After switching on the real robot session, it asked me if I really have a robot session?

But I think, If I do not have a session, the switch does not appear and the counter does not count, so something weird happened.

I booked another session at 17:00.
But, tomorrows I will go for a certificate and I would like to check if everything is fine.
Yesterday, the LIDAR did not work, so I could not check.
Hope I can do it today.


Peter, sorry for the error it is our fault. We had a problem with the robot this morning and we are replacing it for a new one, but we forgot to indicate the unavailabilify in the agenda.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

I’m resetting your reservations and you will be able to book again once we finish the procedure (we are about to). We will let you know when it is available again

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Hi @rtellez ,

No problem, I have plenty of time.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @peterborkuti, sorry about the delay. The turtlebot is back online

Hi @roalgoal ,

Thank you, I confirm, that the robot works.
Sometimes it stoppes for some seconds, but works. I think, that the previous one did not stop,
but I may not remember well.


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