Realrobot connection

I literally wasted an hour today trying to connect to the real robot, losing the opportunity to schedule a second session while doing nothing more than refreshing and switching between browsers in the hopes that it would work for at least 15 minutes. I am extremely frustrated and upset about this as I need to present both ros for beginners and ros navigation on Thursday in order to receive the certificate, and as of right now, I am unable to test my software.
as you will see in the screen shots my internet connection is stable and strong so the problem is sure not my internet connection.

I’m very sorry about this. I have restored your reservation.

still cannot reserve the two sessions !!
i did not book any session after that problem i mentioned i lost two sessions totall 1 hour .
i already booked two sessions from the last week for the presentation(before the problem i faced),they were in different weeks in that time, so please allow me to reserve my lost two sessions so i can test my software to be ready for the presentation as the problem i faced is technical.

I gave you two more. Please let me know when you plan to connect to see what the issue is

there is a problem here my booking for the presentation , March 30th , at 11:00 CET disappeared so basically what you did is removing my two booking that i made for the presentation, now you putted me in another problem as of now the booking in which i supposed to do the presentation is booked by someone else, i do not know if you understand me right.
the short story is that i booked two sessions around ,25 March 4:00 UTC+2 to test my software and get ready for the presentation which supposed to be 30 March 11 UTC , so i booked two sessions at 30 March 11 UTC for the presentation and another two 25 March 4 UTC to test my software , the problem i faced was in 25 March 4 UTC , so what i asked for is that i can book them again not to remove my presentation booking.

as no one replayed to solve my problem, i reserved two session today from 11 UTC to test the software.
so what i need here is to allow me to reserve two more sessions for the presentation, and change the time of the presentation to any available time due to the case i described above.
please note my subscription ends at Friday.

Yes, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I will take care of the presentation reservation for you. You don’t have to worry about it, you will be able to connect to the robot during your presentation.

how can i do the presentation when i do not have a realrobot session booking at that time

I have contacted you privately, will close this issue

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