Regarding security of payment system

I have taken a monthly subscription of the construct , but i don’t feel secure by it’s payment system as i didn’t get any OTP for payment confirmation, by only entering card details i was directly headed to the course and it’s not the case with other course providers like EDX , Udacity or Coursera. I would like to know if it’s secure as i shared my card details .

Hi Lucky,

Thanks for subscribing. Welcome to the Community!

Please rest assured that the payment system is secure. The Construct does not store or have access to your card details; your payment was processed by our payments partner,, which is known and trusted all over the world for secure payments.

Your bank decides whether to ask for OTP confirmation or not. Usually, if it’s a trusted payment processor and/or you have used the card on the same site before, they may not ask for confirmation.

Thanks again. We believe you will enjoy the platform.