Regarding subscription

Hi, I am a new bee in Ros. I wanted to take the basic course with C++ and navigation course. So I would like to know before I subscribe whether I can get a refund if the course doesn’t help me much , As 39 euro is a big amount for me being a student. I would also like to know whether the navigation couse i can do with c++

i have been using this platform for over an year already, but with python, you wont regret this investment if you do take it, because the support is vast and you can learn a lot and yes you can do navigation with c++ i am not sure about refunds but if you do end up taking the course you wont regret it at all. wishing you the best.

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Hi @piyalsaha00,

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You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your initial subscription if you are not satisfied. However, you should also realize that what you are able to learn depends on the amount of time you can commit every day/week. And it might take some time, typically about three months, for you to ramp up if you are new to ROS and/or programming.

At this time, we offer the Navigation course in Python.