Regarding TF quiz

Hello experts,
What is the total marks for the quiz?
In case if it is 10 then may I know where I am doing a mistake because I am getting 7. I got the output as per requirement and after attempting 5 times thinking somewhere I can be wrong, I did all ways but it did not show where is the mistake.
Can you please help me?

@bayodesegun Can you take a look?


Sorry about the situation. Usually you should get some feedback on the grading popup - didn’t you get any?

I have added to more trials to this quiz, for you - could you please try again and share with us the messages shown on the grading popup just before the grading process ends?

Hello Sir, As I said after 5 attempts, I saw the solution for checking it(though solution matches with what I wrote) so I am unable to submit the quiz again.
Is there anyway you can have a look on my code?

Hi @naitrir21 I just made an exception for you to submit again. Please submit your original code and let’s see the grader’s “excuse” for marking you down.

Sorry Sir, here are the attachments of code and marking.

Please let me know the corrections

Thank you for sharing the image @naitrir21. We’ll look into it and let you know.

Helo @naitrir21,

I’ve just tested your package for the TF Quiz and got a 10, which indicates the files are correct.

I think the problem could be that you already have something running in the Web Shells when correcting the Quiz. Could you please try to close everything you have running before correcting the Quiz?



Sir,I have the same problem.
Can you check my code?please

Hi @thuvaraga1997,

The problem seems to be that your control topics were not found. Could you please check that the controllers are started and the right topics are present?

Thanks a lot. I kept getting 7.0 even though I thought I did everything I need to do. I was running my launch file while correcting my quiz codes. After I stopped the launch file, I resubmit the quiz and I ended up with 10.0!

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