Resetting final exam work so that I can reattempt the exam

Can you reset my records so that I can attempt the ROS for Beginners final exam again?
I was not able to correct Task3 and due to that got a low score and hence want to reattempt the exam and try to solve again.
Let me know kindly


You can retry the exam as many times as you want as long as you don’t click the View Solution link.

Hi … Accidently I had pressed the View Solution button instead of the close button by mistake. But since the solution is not published, I would like to again retry. But since I clicked the solution button I cannot resubmit. IS there any way that this can be bypassed because I really want to see how my work is against the standards?
Kindly do something and let me know…
Thanks a lot

Hi @sambaranghosal,

We don’t accept a reason like “accidentally pressing the View Solution button” because there is a bold note there specifying the implications, but since there is no solution file anyways I have cleared the “viewed solution” bit and you can now retry the exam.

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