Resubmitting the solution in Unit 5 ROS basics in 5 days

I mistakenly clicked, view the solutions in the “Unit 6 Services in ROS: Servers & Messages” in ROS Basics in 5 days -Python course, while submitting the quiz. I have not viewed the solutions. I did not read the warning mentioned.To be honest, I thought I would get feedback by clicking the button.Is there any way to resubmit the quiz? Could the admin undo this mistake of mine? Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Chandrasekar,

We have designed the Quiz button so that it cannot be clicked by mistake. We put very bold warnings there about the implications of clicking this button. So, can you explain to us in details how the mistake of clicking it happened?

This is required to we can have a justifiable reason for allowing you to submit again, and also to help prevent this kind of mistake in the future.

Thanks for the prompt response.

I clicked the green tick icon to submit the quiz.

While analysing the solution by the Gradebot, there was some error in cstkin pkg shown in linux terminal.

Also I got my score as 1/10

There I saw an orange colored button, and I clicked it thinking that it explains me the mistake in detail, I mean the feedback for grades. I did not read the content above that, as it was verbose.

So, I think I mistakenly clicked the button due to four reasons;

1. I did not read the lines before the command button, as they were verbose for me .

2. As the command button was orange in color, I thought it would give me feedback about the errors.

3. I did not notice that I cannot resubmit, as those words were not highlighted in the instructions, maybe.

4. I rejoined constructsim after 8 months and I literally forgot these instructions and how I have to submit the quiz.

Also, FYKI, I closed the popped up solution window in panic , when I saw that the quiz cannot be resubmitted. So, I dont have the solution with me now.

Kindly consider my request to enable resubmission.

Hi @chandrasekar.e777,

I’m sorry to let you know that I do not consider your reason justifiable. We cannot encourage not following instructions for the excuse that they are “verbose”. If you sit an exam and did not follow the instructions, you have to live with the consequences.

Furthermore, I think the information is clear enough:

  • Yellow means warning - and we also have the ! icon, which indicates the same thing.
  • IMPORTANT: Please read and proceed carefully was written boldly. Making any other part bold would be too much.
  • The two points made would only take five seconds to read. See how much time we have spent on this back-and-forth now!
  • The button itself says “Check solution”, not “Explain mistake”.

That said, I will make you a deal here:
If you are planning to get the certificate for this course, you would need to complete the Real Robot Project presentation. If you do well in that project, I will allow you to retake this quiz. When you pass the presentation, just point me or any member of the team to this post.

If you are not planning to get the certificate, then you don’t need to bother about your score in the quiz.

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Hello @bayodesegun Uhm I kinda did the same mistake, i was already stressed about the deadlines and didn’t look at the warnings, this is part of my assignment for my uni, I have to finish it within 5th of october. I have to do the drone challenge exam anyway

Are you talking about the quiz or the exam here? Anyway, if you have viewed the solution for either of them, I’m afraid you cannot resubmit.

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