Robot did not reach correct final position II


The quiz complained to me “Robot did not reach correct final position”
I have checked " Robot did not reach correct final position" and all suggested solutions didn’t work for me

The robot did stop at
orientation "[-0.0, 0.0, 0.74, 0.67]
position “[1.25, 0.28, 0.01]”

right behind the door within the first grid. I have only one try left.
Any hint where to stop to pass the quiz ?

Hello @vkuehn ,

The course you are doing is deprecated and will be removed from the platform tomorrow (as indicated in the notebook). I suggest you move to the new updated course. The Quiz is almost the same, so you won’t have to redo it completely, and the Grader Bot should work ok.


Hi @albertoezquerro ,

thanks. I was afraid so I have to change but hoped it could be finished before.
However will change now for the new course.

Still curious what the problem was.


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