Robot is moving fine in simulation but not in real robot environment


I have used pulisher at 0.5 sec and subscriber to topics /cmd_vel and /scan respectively. The logic is working fine in simulation but when I try to run it in real robot, it goes in circles and sometimes not move at all. I am considering 180 deg as robots front as it was working that way in simulation. Can anyone help me or give me suggestion of what might be going wrong.
Also its very difficult to debug in real enviorment as time given is very less :frowning:


I’ll take a look. Please notice that the length of the scan values in the real robot is 720, double from the simulation, so there might be an issue there.

If you reserve 2 25 minute slots, you’ll then have a 55 minute session, a lot longer for debugging.


I could not book 2 sessions simulatneously as I get the message that more than one session cannot be booked. I got another slot which was 1 hour later and again I had to do all the setup which takes around 5 minutes every time.
Now I have to wait for next week :expressionless: . But thanks for pointing that out. If its 720 then have to check again and also need to find the orientation again.
Although it would have been great if this thing was mentioned in instruction and also about orientation of robot w.r.t scanner. This will save time which we dont have during real robot test. Otherwise it is difficult to complete activities on real robot since we get only 2 access per week :frowning:
Also a request to developers (I am not sure if your are one :slight_smile: ) to update the simulation robot as close to the real robot so that the logic takes minimal update during real robot testing.

Thank you for your feedback. What you can also do is account for the differences in message length in your code, that way you know that it can work every time.

I will provide you with two more slots so you can keep working on it.

Hi, sorry I didn’t get what it means to account for differences in message length. Can you please elaborate it a bit. Thanks for providing the slots.

PS: expecting a month free license as well :grin: