Robot_pose_ekf for noetic

Hi guys,

I am trying to migrate my mini_turty3 code from ros kinetic to ros noetic. I have successfully managed to either install the noetic packages or create the package. however one of my packages in ros navigation called “robot_pose_ekf” is no longer in ros noetic as the folder is missing from the github repo. I have tried to uses the migrate instruction mentioned in however so far no success. any advice how to migrate this package or is there any replacement for it ?

Thank you in advance

Hello @louis,

I have no personal experience in migrating a node to Noetic, so I can’t be of much help here. I can tell you though that we are working in order to migrate all our courses to Noetic in the following weeks. In the meantime, I’d suggest you ask this question in the package repository itself or in the ROS Answers forum.