Role of content of CmakeList.txt and package.xml

1.What exactly is the role and difference between find_package() and catkin_package() in Cmakelist.txt, since the content in both find_package() and the CATKIN_DEPENDS under the catkin_package() are about the same.

find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS
#  INCLUDE_DIRS include
#  LIBRARIES drone_action_pkg
 CATKIN_DEPENDS rospy std_msgs 
#  DEPENDS system_lib
  1. I understand that <build_depend></build_depend> written for all packages under find_packages(), similarly, is there any connection to <build_export_depend> and <exec_depend> to any of the modules in CmakeList.txt like catkin_package()

  2. What is the role of each of the following in package.xml, if we want to include a new package nav_msgs (to access its Class or Class’s functions from the current program)


Hi Joseph,

Going in-depth with these is beyond the scope of the basics course, otherwise it would be too much!

Your can read about these files on the ROS wiki:

  1. catkin/CMakeLists.txt - ROS Wiki
  2. catkin/package.xml - ROS Wiki

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