ROS Autonomous Vehicles 101

I am new to programming. I learned ROS basics in 5 days, then i learned ROS autonomous vehicles 101. can somebody help me with the final project in ROS autonomous vehicles 101 course. If i can get some code then i could modify it according to my wish.

Thank you


The objective of the Microproject is just combine all that you were tought in the previou chapters.
All the things you need are in the previous units, just that you are using it in a different scene ;).

If you are not able to complete the project then you missed something important. You must go back and find what you need a refresher on. ROS in 5 days for me was more like ROS in 10 days because I was constantly re-reading and adding extras to my exercises since it makes the information concrete so it saves time in the long run.

Please help me to implement obstacle detection here. i am stuck.

what to do when the system’s obstacle detector stops the vehicle