ROS BASIC in file days, unable to run

Hi RobotIgnite Community:

I tried as per the screenshot,

and I got the error highlighted,

what have I done wrong please? am frustrated…to just run a simple program and it fails…,

inside my_package_launch_file:

<!-- My Package launch file -->

<node pkg="my_package" type="" name="ObiWan"  output="screen">


Please help,

Thank you,

Hi @wai.mak,
Make sure the file is executable with ‘chmod +x’

Hi @simon.steinmann91,

Right I missed this crucial step, no wonder,

It worked,

awesome, thanks for the quick response,

Kind Regards,

I don’t know why “chmod +x” doesn’t work to me.

I’ve tried to say that it doesn’t work to me.
But they still answer the same question as using “chmod +x” :frowning:

It doesn’t work to me, sir. TT

Oh! Very sorry. I think X is the number shown in the preview. But actually it’s a letter

It works !!