ROS Basics in 5 days - 3.1 Topic Publisher bash: command not found

I’m doing a ROS Basics in 5 days course and in 3.1 when I try to run i get:
bash: command not found
I think I did everything exactly as instructions says.
Somebody have any idea how to find a problem? I can paste something from the terminal if it’s needed.


you have two ways to run a script (noetic):

1 - python3 name_of_the_script in your case would be python

2 - rosrun name_of_the_package name_of_the_script in your case asumming your package name is my_package would be: rosrun my_package

make sure you have set execution permisions of the script, if not, run: chmod +x

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Ok, the second solution worked! Thanks a lot! In thin notebook it looked like:
rosrun my_examples_pkg
instead like
rosrun my_examples_pkg
Stupid mistake…
@rtellez shouldn’t here be ‘$’ mark before rosrun in instruction?

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