ROS basics in 5 days c++ (Migration notification)


So I started the ROS basics in 5 days course but I instantly got a notification with a warning sign that this course has been migrated to ROS noetic and to watch the tutorial. This is very vague to me, since I don’t understand if this means that the course I’m following currently is not relevant enough since it has been migrated to a new version. Am I supposed to migrate it myself, is that why the tutorial is added? Is the migration to noetic already applied to this course, which means I have nothing to worry about? I think this warning message is not clear at all.

Can someone make this clear please, since I don’t see what is trying to be told to me.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Arman,

Since you are just starting, the message does not apply to you. Please just ignore it. I apologize for the confusion.

It’s about time we removed that message. I have removed it.