ROS Basics in 5 Days: can´t get from Unit 15 to final exam


I am in the end of “ROS Basics in 5 Days” course and I would like to finish and close it, but I am not able to move on from unit 15.

Could you help/advice me, please?

Thank you very much for your possible answer.


I’m stuck on this too :confused:

Hi @xris,

Could you please describe what you are seeing exactly? What does “not able to move on from unit 15” mean? You can’t see the exam unit or you cannot load it due to some error? A screenshot would be helpful.

Right now I can’t even enter in the course:

The point is that the right arrow to move forward (from unit 15 to the exam) on the bottom left it’s gray and doesn’t let to push on it

Hi @xris,

I’m sorry, but you cannot see the course exam unless you are a student - you are using a license provided by a university professor. You can however take the exams on the learning paths:

Also, this course has been replaced by the Noetic version. You will find the new courses on the courses page at Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses.

Yes, I was taking the course under the Learn Robotics from Zero LP