ROS Basics in 5 Days -- course details does not match unit content list

Not a huge deal, but the course details at do not match the list of units at

Hey @davef!

Welcome to the Community and thank you for pointing that out! We’ll correct it in the next few days.



I am working through the Intro to Robot Programming - ROS course with my nephew because in-person school is canceled in our area. I am supplementing the hands-on ROS work with lectures and theory from the MIT BSWI racecar program as best I can.

I just copied and pasted from the details page to create a curriculum. Noticed it didn’t match the actual content.

I have a turtlebot 3 from my own experimentation. If nephew’s robotignite course work goes well I promised we could build a F1Tenth.

Thanks for elaborating. And sorry again for the glitch.

I’m happy to tell you that this glitch has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

The new course descriptions are much more clear…at least for my use case.

Another minor bug.

When looking at a course path via , clicking on an individual course the link just goes back to instead of the course page.

Thanks again for the feedback, we’ll look into that one too.


Is this where you would like feedback/bug reports?

It looks like the site and its contents is evolving rapidly so it it a challenge to keep every thing in sync.

One more thought might be to have single list of all available courses. I see several lists based on topics and paths, but no single cohesive list.