ROS Basics in 5 days - Exercise 3.1 (Python)

I was stuck on exercise 3.1 in the basics in 5 days course (Python).
Ended up pulling the solution, but still had a lot of trouble trying to make it work.

Eventually, i tried using rosrun rather than roslaunch, and it immediately made the robot move!
Is anyone able to elaborate on this? I feel like the former tutorials focused more on roslaunch, so i assumed i was to use that. Tried setting the execute privileges for both the .launch and the .py, but nothing worked.


That error is normally related to the fact that something in the launch file is not written correctly. Maybe you ar emissing a tag or something like that.

But in your case you are launching pythn script with the roslaunch command. Thats not correct. if you use the roslaunch command, you should use then launch files. If you launch python scripts then its the rosrun command.

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Thanks for the reply @duckfrost