ROS Basics in 5 Days NOETIC


Last weekend I started ROS Basics in 5 Days NOETIC course and now I cannot continue it. When I press continue learning, I am being transfered to any other course I have previously opened. Now in search I can’t find any course signed with NOETIC. I can connect to regular ROS Basics in 5 Days but it says that it uses ROS Kinetic. There is a yellow exclamation mark saying course has been migrated to NOETIC but ROS deconstruction chapter it says that the distrubution is Kinetic. Is this correct?

Hello @andrzej.ligienza ,

I apologize for this glitch. Yes, we deactivated the Noetic courses in order to fine-tune them. We will activate them again later this week, possibly today.

Hello @bayodesegun ,

Thank You for Your answer. Will there be major changes in the Noetic version so I should wait for it or should I continue with the current Kinetic one and just check potential differences later?

Best regards

Hi @andrzej.ligienza ,

No, no major changes. We are now on the Noetic version. The Kinetic has been deactivated.

Ok, thank Tou greatly for Your assistance. I am now able to access the Noetic version again.

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