ROS course connection

I am doing the ROS5Days Basic course and I keep losing connection and resetting. Is this an issue on my end or on the course website?

I have no problem connecting right now, so it might be on your side. Perhaps check on a different device.

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It connects fine but every few minutes it loses connection and resets and or goes offline.

Hi @bijoua,

I’m sorry about your the disconnection issue. Maybe it’s an issue on your side like @simon.steinmann91 mentioned, or maybe not.

Could you please share with us some screenshots showing the disconnection, so the we can see how the situation might be rectified or at least managed.

Sure. Here is one instance where I lost connection.

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And here’s another instance:

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Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Both of them are pointing to an unstable connection (might be fast enough but it seems that it breaks once in a while). Perhaps you can try changing to a better one?

I cannot connect at all too. Yesterday everything was fine, but today with the same PC and connection, I cannot connect.

Hi @micha132003,

I’m sorry about the connection problem. Could you please try another connection and let us know? The image you shared is what usually happens when the connection is not stable…

By the way, welcome to the community!

After few hours I managed to connect again normally.

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Same with me too. The connection always fails even after retrying for hours.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have some hints that indeed I may be having an unstable connection.

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Hi @brian3190,

I’m sorry about your experience. What you’re seeing is the symptom of an unstable connection.

Could you please try another connection and let us know?

By the way, welcome to the Robot Ignite Academy community!