Ros - distro version - gazebo version suggestion

Hi professors and users.
I am going to create an autonomous navigation for self-driving car using ROS on my notebook. I have noted that some Gazebo versions have limitations in compiling complex plugins, use math libraries, or simulate complex models and environments…
There are also some packages not available for some distro versions…or the user must adpatate a lot of code to use the pkg.
In this way, I would like to understand which ROS-Distro and which Gazebo should I install to get the less possible errors when dowloading and using packages and vehicle models during my project.
And also which Ubuntu is compatible with this ROS/Gazebo version.

Hi @rtellez I still have not noted that you are the guy from the Live-Class videos! Just now that I am reading your page here I have seen your photo!!
Nice! I would like to congratulate you! I am from Brazil and living in Ingolstadt (Germany). I always watch your live class when I am running in the gym mat! Yes there is a kind of Tv screen on that!!! hahaha very developed Germany.

So I have a question for you. My professor worked with ROS in his post-doctorate in Girona spain, with G500 AUV. So in the end of this month or beginning of the next month, I and my friend will have an appointment with professor Pere Ridao in Girona University to visit the Cyrus lab! We will spend some days in Barcelona too! I have seen you are going to give a one week course there! Amazing, this friend of mine is mechatronic engineer and is very good in ROS, now he is working in Aachen with these industrial mobile robots with arms…
However we will not participate from this course this time, due money and time factors haha.
But the reason I am writing is: Could we visit the ROS deparment, which you work? I am very curious to have contact with the staff and contemplate the simulations and works you have!!!
So if possible let me know, please and then we buy the tickets for the available data to visit Robot Ignite Academy office.

Best Regards: Marcus

Hi @marcusvini178,
It is good practice to start with the newest stable release of ROS and istalling the full desktop version, which includes the correct and newest stabel Gazebo. However if you depend on models/projects, you might have to revert back to a older version, or check if a seperate updated branch exists of that project. So go through all the plugins, libraries, models and environments you depend on, and see what they are compatible with. Then take the newest supported version. If there is only a few stray libraries or packages that cause troubles, investigate further. Usually there is workarounds or ways to compile from source, in order to get something to run with a newer system.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Simon, I have just marked you now! In another a question! I have done a great “bullshit” accidentaly about exam. Could you help me? I am really not cheating…just a plataform or command mistake you can verify I accessed the exam area minutes ago, and did not wrote nothing there…I would like my chance to do the exam back. I am very frustrated to have pressed the button of the exam area accidentaly (I thought it would be like the first time, where there was a blank area with instructions and just there later I would choose to press a start button, however this area was not there anymore and the exam area began loading…so I stopped and cameback to the ROG Beginner page because I still needed to review some code in ROS 5 days I was not sure about…however it is being counted that I tried to do the exam, which is not fair and not true, what could I do?).

I’m not staff, just an ‘ambassador’ of sorts, helping people in this forum and working ot advance the teaching of ROS in academia.


ok simon, thanks! the staff helped me. Thanks for your hints about ROS -distro choice! and to always answer my questions in a good way!