ROS in 5 days - Python - Exercise 4.3

I am new to programming and very new to ROS, so I am having a hard time in general.
The first 2 free courses (linux and python) I somehow managed through without looking at the answers too much but starting from Unit 4 of this course I have to google a lot and look at the answers a lot as well.

With this exercise I started having trouble from creating the ROS package, I don’t understand how to deal with the dependencies. so I just did as in an earlier Unit:
/home/simulations/public_sim_ws$ catkin_create_pkg exercise_33 rospy
roscd takes me to this folder and not catkin_ws, when I made it in catkin_ws I got an error.
I can’t recall the exact error but it said something like catkin build is already using it…

So I saw in the forum that it was recommended to delete your files and start again, after doing that It still doesn’t work and I am currently very lost.

This is what’s happening now:
Basically I followed all the steps from Solution Exercise 4.3 (it would be very helpful if the answers for this also included everything from creating the package)
Because I don’t understand anything about the cmake list and package edits, i just copied and pasted the contents in my files to replace everything.
The following steps ask me to source the webshells and then grep for Age, but this returns nothing at all.
Please help, I am probably missing something obvious or something.
The tutorials suddenly got much more difficult and time-consuming but I really want to get better at this…

Hi, it sounds like you are trying to compile in your package exercise_33 instead of inside catkin_ws.
Make sure you go to the /src folder before creating your package. Then, you must go back to catkin_ws to compile. Here are the commands for that:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
catkin_create_pkg exercise_33 rospy
cd ..