ROS manipulation course review [frustration]

I just wanted to request the team to make perception , planner and grasping a little more comprehensive . There are codes but with very little explanation behind it .
I also faced some issues with visualising perception information in rviz.

I have been a fan of 5 days series especially the ROS Basics in 5 days awesome . compared to that i felt a little letdown with this course.

Hello @vasank1958,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. It really helps us keep improving our courses. We are going to take good note of all your comments and implement them in the following days. By the way, we are currently preparing an on-site training on Mobile Manipulators, which it’s going to help us improve the Manipulation Course in many levels.


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yes sir, I am waiting for it :). so the onsite one will be available as course on the website? @albertoezquerro