ROS Nav in 5 days : Project Part 2 service not available

I’m currently working on the ROS Nav in 5 days project. In part 2, we need to create a service that writes the spots coordinates in a file according to the spot label input.
I’ve successfully created my message, I’ve also created the .py code (which contains the answers solutions code - by the way note that in that Code we import “MyServiceMsg” and not “MyServiceMessage” as we should. Moreover when we create the message, in the CMakeLists.tkt we write “MyCustomServiceMessage.srv” and not “MyServiceMessage”).
I also have my launchfile that lauches the node without any error.
However when I try to call the service with rosservice call /record_spot “label: table” for example, I have the following error:

ERROR : service [/record_spot] is not available

I can’t see my service when I type rossrv list

Also I’ve already done catkin_make in my terminals, and sourced the setup.bash file

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


In theory if there was no problem in the launch, the service should appear on doing roservice list.
Could yo share your code here through a git or something similar so we can reproduce the issue?