ROS Navigation in 5 Days - Eg: Unit 3: Robot Localization - why no solutions to exercises?

Hi All,

Another frustration here, As I go through this unit …it seems there are quite a few of exercises where there are no solutions to view and I’m left in limbo…, why is that?

For instance: Exercise 3.11

There is an expected result and that’s it …, but I couldnt get there and there is no solution to see…, I see this as an exercise and not an exam …so I’m expecting some more guidance and also a solution so I can learn at the end…

Another eg: (And same for this one…)

I had done the Create your First Robot with ROS module and my study in there was smooth because , there are clear instructions to each exercise and also for harder exercises, it had a link to a solution page which I can go to so I can learn more…,

but for ROS Navigation in 5 Days , disappointingly!, it doesn’t have it …, just an exercise and expected result…, frustrating

Can you please fix?

Hello @wai.mak ,

At the end of the notebook, there is a link to the solutions to the exercises.

ok @albertoezquerro , I was blinded, thank you for your help!