ROS Services Unit 2: Example 3.8

After following example 3.8 carefully, I tried to run the service using rosservice call /my_service “duration: 0”. I received the following error.

ERROR: service [/my_service] responded with an error: error processing request: ‘MyCustomServiceMessageRequest’ object has no attribute ‘radius’

Not really sure how to proceed.

Hi @josho.wallace,

make sure you

  1. you sourced the setup.bash
  2. you compiled the service message correctly
    -if you did, it will show up in catkin_ws/devel/include/<<pkg_name>>/

Actually before doing that, make sure you call the service correctly:
rosservice call /my_service “press TAB twice” to autofill the correct message type and format

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Hi @josho.wallace,

Are you able to resolve this yet?