ROS tutorial with GPS localization problems

Hello, I’m currently working on your ROS tutorial with GPS, but I’m receiving some problems, which I’m not sure how to solve. So I’m able to setup everything that I need, but when I’m giving the robot the 2d goal, it just keep going, and it seems like it not able to localize himself in the map. I recorded a small gif of the problem I’m having:
small video of my problem:

It looks like the robot is receiving new goal everytime, so it keep on going

Hi Sigurd,

Welcome to the Community! Could you please mention the specific tutorial are you following?

Currently doing the tutorial: Localize a robot using GPS


Hi @Sigurd.odden,

I have assigned this to one of our experts (@rtellez ) who is better positioned to have a look but I’m not sure when he will be able to do that as supporting the Youtube videos is on a best-effort basis.

Thank you for your understanding.

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