ROS w/RoboteQ MDC2460 Controller

Has anyone used ROS with the RoboteQ MDC2460 controller by any chance? If you have could you provide some information on how to use ROS for the programming?

Hi Doug, I haven’t used that controller but found that there is a ROS driver available here. It is a little bit old but it may work.

So you need to install ROS serial in the computer connected to the control board as well as this driver. Then configure the launch file (roboteq_driver/launch/example.launch) accordingly with your board. Then start the driver with:

roslaunch roboteq_driver example.launch

That should connect to your board and provide you with some topics or services to work with it.

Hope it helps

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Thank you rtellez … I sure will give it a try - appreciate the feedback! … Will let you know how it works out. Will be a few days to get it all sorted out on my laptop… I’m not only old but slow …LOL!