ROS1 to ROS2 Bridge Error in Service Project


In the ROS1 to ROS2 bridge brings the following error:

[INFO] [1687291606.396972175] [ros_bridge]: create bidirectional bridge for topic cmd_vel
The parameter ‘services_1_to_2’ either doesn’t exist or isn’t an array
The parameter ‘services_2_to_1’ either doesn’t exist or isn’t an array

It apparently does not run my service server and I think I will lost my booking with the turtlebot, since this error:

[wall_finder_service_server-1] AttributeError: type object ‘type’ has no attribute ‘_TYPE_SUPPORT’ This might be a ROS 1 message type but it should be a ROS 2 message type. Make sure tosource your ROS 2 workspace after your ROS 1 workspace.

Please could you fix this? and, Please could you add another date to book?


Previously to this session, my programs work relatively fine. I was doing some changes, but I could not test them on the real robot for that error.

my best

I think this means the bridge wasn’t launched correctly. You should see connection messages after a while on that terminal.

Try launching the bridge with the explained procedure in a new terminal. The sourcing might have gotten mixed up.


Sorry but it does not work. Another session of experimenting with the real robot lost!!! My code works properly in simulation, the cmd_vel responds well in simulation. But, in the real robot does not, the joystick works find but the cmd_vel does not respond using my programs.

Please help!!!

My best,

As you can see in this test, there is no issue with the ros1_bridge and the turtlebot.

What distribution of rosject are you using? Have you used the ros2 teleop to make sure things work? A higher publishing rate? Also, remember there is a speed limit of 0.2 on the robot.

Hi @eblady ,

Are you using a dynamic_bridge or a parameter_bridge ?

dynamic_bridge will cause a lot of lag since it will bridge all the ros topics as bidirectional topics.
paramter_bridge will only bridge a selected few topics so the bridge will communicate faster and be more stable.

If you are using paramter_bridge, please post your parameters .yaml file. If you did not make a parameter package in ROS1, you should be able to find a package called load_params under catkin_ws. Please post the contents of the yaml file.


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