ROS2 Basics C++ How to get a certificate

I have 100% completion on the ROS2 Basics in 5 days (C++) course. I noticed that it says I need a grade on the Real Robot Project to obtain a certificate. How do I obtain a grade on the project? I don’t see anywhere to ‘submit’ it to be evaluated. I ended up finishing the project locally on my machine as the simulation runs much faster on my hardware than over the web, but I can upload my final project back into the web environment if that is what is needed for evaluation.

Also, the maintainers of the course might want to update the percentages for completion to include the real robot project, as the 100% completion is misleading if you can’t receive a certificate after.

Hi @gadouryjames, welcome to the community!

In order to obtain a certificate, you need to present your project. Please email to obtain a day and time to do it.

Thank you for this feedback, we’ll work on that!

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