ROS2 Basics C++ in 5 days, where is the rosject PART 1?

I’m learning ROS2 with the construct, and so far it has been great !
I just finished the part 3 “understand ros2 topics” and at the end it asks to switch to rosject and complete part1 before continuing with the course. But when I open the rosject, the jupiter notebook show me checkpoint9 part 3. I don’t find part 1 anywhere.

Can someone help me ?
Thanks a lot !
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Are you sure you copied the right rosject? When you click on the link given in the notebook, it should take you to page similar to this:

When you click in the link in the course, please share a screenshot of the page where it takes you.

I just found out that this was indeed a mix-up from our end, introduced in a recent update I didn’t have. I apologize for this glitch. We are working on it and will revert asap.

Thanks for your quick and helpful answer !
I’ll wait for the new version.
Maybe could you give me a link to the part one in this conversation ?
Thanks a lot

You’re welcome!
I’m afraid we’ll have to fix it from the source.
In the meantime, please proceed with the next unit of the course.

All right ! Thanks again
Also, about the next unit, there is something strange
the header says " 4- Executors and callback groups" but the jupyter notebook start with “Unit 5 : Executors and callback groups”, and “5- Understanding ROS2 services” start with “Unit 4 : ROS2 Services”
Which one is the next ?

I apologize - that’s another mix-up too many for the same course :frowning:. We’ll correct it.

The next should be 4 - Executors and callback groups, but let me confirm from the experts.

By the way, the problem with the Real Robot Project is also fixed. You should now see a small red icon like the one highlighted in green below, prompting you to update the rosject:


Great ! Thanks for fixing it quickly !

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