ROS2 basics in 5 days galactic c++ quiz assessment not working

Hi! I created a package for the quiz and have successfully subscribed to the scan topic, however, the quiz assessment does not acknowledge that the program successfully subscribes to the scan topic and cuts off at that step. Please help!

I think the grading bot might be having problem but if you think you did it correct you can move to next chapter till they fix it

It certainly seems like the grading bot is having a problem. I will take your advice. Thanks! Hopefully they notify me when it is fixed as I would very much like to complete this quiz.

Hello @ekasgeorge ,

Your problem is that your node is not named correctly. The Quiz asks to name your ROS2 node as topics_quiz_node, but in your case, your node is named mr_roboto. This is why it’s not detecting the laser subscription.


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