ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python), Part 4 Services, quiz, confusing request

See picture below for instruction of the quiz


first yellow marker says that the time given is the duration time.
second marker says it is the waiting for the robot to begin.

Those are completely different things.

So, please clarify what is the task? Should it be "It will turn for 10 seconds?

more over if you provide only angular_velocity the robot will spin, the word turn made me look for the instruction needed to linear velocity but no instruction for that.
It is also not in the Turn.srv file so it got me confused for a while.

Please clarify.

Thank you

Hello @TAURD ,

Yes, you are right. The robot has to SPIN/ROTATE DURING 10 seconds. You can see the expected motion in the GIF shown in the notebook. I’ve modified some of the instructions to try to clarify them. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for that.

The service name remains Turn.srv?

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