Ros2 Basics in 5 Days (Python), Unit 5 Quiz, Gradebot

I think my code is perfect (:grimacing:) but the Gradebot keep failing me :

I tried to launch the server and it’s working good and clearly.

Hi @omerdanieli ,

Same in my case too. Gradebot fails me with 5.0 points. At least in your case it displays a feedback, in my case even that does not happen.

I have created a post on this yesterday. It is yet to be fixed. We are currently in weekend, so most probably it will be fixed on Monday(26th Sept).
Refer: GradeBot not displaying progress - ROS2 Basics in 5 Days Python


PS: Even my code works perfectly - as shown in the actions_quiz final gif/video. For now, just proceed with next chapter (Debugging with ROS2) and then you can come back to this problem and get it done!

Hi @girishkumar.kannan ,
I had the same glitch of ‘no feedback’ last time I tried to run the Gradebot.
Hope it will be fixed quickly.
Thank you for paying my attention

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Hello @omerdanieli ,

Have you named your launch file like this If you try to run the following command does it work properly?

ros2 launch actions_quiz


Yes and Yes

Hello @omerdanieli ,

What is the message you are getting in the gradebot feedback? I’ve just tested it myself and it’s working ok for me:

There is some problem with my Gradebot.
The code runs as expected.
The grader goes through the tasks but without mark points.
From some reason the simulator resets itself and the robot starts over during the run in a different place.
I get a comment at the end that the robot didn’t reach the correct final position, and the window freezes…
Tried that more than 5 times now.
Any ideas?

Hello @albertoezquerro
That’s the message:

Hello @omerdanieli ,

Just tested this with your package and found the issue. The problem here is that you are using a 3rd package (custom_interfaces) which is not part of the Quiz. For the Quiz, ALL the code has to be contained inside the actions_quiz and actions_quiz_msg packages. If you use code from other packages it’s not going to work.

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