ROS2 Basics (Python)

Is there a “learn ROS2 basics with python” coming? It is mentioned in the ROS2 basics with C++ under requirements point 2:
Knowledge about how to create programs in C++ . If you don’t know how to program in C++ then we recommend you to not attempt to do this course, and instead go for the ROS2 Basics (Python) course.

Hello @henrik_1992,

Yes, it is in the plan, so in the following months it will be published. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet a more specific date in which it’ll be ready. What I can tell now is that there is a ROS2 Navigation course, based in Python, which will come on September.



Is there any update on when the ROS2 python course will be available?



Hello @DimitarVachev ,

I can’t give you an exact date yet, but I can tell you it’s amongst our highest priorities in terms of the next courses to publish. It will be published before summer for sure.

Meanwhile, let me tell you that we have a series of Live Classes about ROS2 with Python that you can check if you want:


Hi Alberto,

Thank you for the update, I will check the YouTube content than.

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