ROS2 Navigation also available as C++ course?

Hi There :slight_smile:

i am wondering if the ROS2 Navigation course is also available in C++.
I did the ROS2 Basics Humble C++ course and wanted to continue with the ROS2 Navigation course, but i now recognized, that it is only in Python.

Now doing the ROS2 Basics Humble course with Python a second time is very time consuming, just to learn the same thing again in Python…

Is it the only way?


Hello @TimSch ,

No, it’s only available in Python. However, you can still follow the course using C++ if you want to. The core of the ROS2 Navigation course is actually independent of the programming language, since you will have to basically set up launch and configuration files. So, I would suggest you follow the course but use C++ instead of Python (ie. for creating the packages or creating some exercise scripts).

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Thanks for the reply @albertoezquerro . I will try it with c++ for now then :slight_smile:

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