ROSbasicsin5days change the maze for sphero

I spent a lot of time on the sphero maze and then a much more satisfying 2 days on the turtlebot maze. I request to have the spero maze changed to the style of the turtlebot maze, with unmoveable and high walls. A huge problem in the spero maze is, that the robot easily rolls over the walls and that the walls move. I tried to make a more sophisticated solution with the robot “following” a wall all the way to the exit by having it drive against it with a very shallow angle, however it would just roll over.

Hi Simon, hope you are doing well today. I too had a desire to build complex and custom mazes for turtlebot and sphero, but the coursework is designed to teach us to teach the basics. So I would share my experience as to how I got through this. After finishing the ROS basics in 5 days course I hopped on youtube and watched a series of videos by the construct (e.g. and many others like this I believe they are called 5-min gazebo video, or something like that) and build custom worlds and walls on ROSDS (ROS Development Studios). Let me know if you need any help with this, I will be more then happy to assist you through it. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that :slight_smile:
However my goal here is not to learn how to do it myself, but to spare future students the trouble and to make it less hard for creative ideas to be implemented in the course. The course overall is excellent, but I think this small change would make it even better. The Turtlebot chapter was fun, because I was only “fighting” with the robot and my solution and not constantly trying to find workarounds for a flimsy and shallow maze.


Oh, right. :slight_smile: Well I think it is an splendid idea, but for the time being, the workaround of creating custom worlds on ROSDS could be used. I think I can spare sometime and create a few more mazes and worlds and make them public. :slight_smile:


@simon.steinmann91 @simon.steinmann91 Interesting discussion!

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Hey Shahramnajan, did you have the time to build any other world? Can we put it in the Sphero unit substituing the current one (of course indicating that you created it)?

We just released a new version of sphero that should fix all the issues that you had.
Its been redesigned to move more logically and the maze has been don rigid and simpler.
Please don’t hesitate to try it and give us feedback.

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