ROSbot Project Navigation Question

Hello All,

I wonder if there are any recommended laser sensors for robot to communicate with ROS by “geometry_msgs/LaserScan” message to achieve SLAM/Path Planning for this ROSbot project? I saw that the Arduino IDE example script contains odom source code to acquire the odometry data, does it mean that the wheel encoders are not necessarily to include to calculate the odometry data? The navigation chapter is only for ROS simulation but I want to see if this can be done for the real ROSbot. Thanks!


The laser sensors most used for dealing with LaserScan are LIDARS. Check out the lidar used by TurtleBot3:

You also have the option to use an RGBD camera and implement a point cloud to laser scan conversion like this one:

With the odometry, you don’t necessarily need wheel encoders to obtain it. You can use visual odometry which uses a camera or even a GPS receiver.