ROSDS has time limit?

Respected Professor,
Am I going to develop my Project of Helping Sphero Get Out of the Maze in ROSDS ?
If yes, where do I learn about the usage or ROSDS ?

What is this 2cpu cores and what are those other options that has to be bought.

Does 8 hour mean I can use it only for 8 hours per day?

Would you mind telling me about this too plz?

Hello @abdulbasitisdost,

Yes, the free plan will allow you to use ROSDS for 8h per day, with a basic computer (2 CPUs). In case you need more than this, you will have to upgrade your plan.


In addition to what @albertoezquerro has said:

Am I going to develop my Project of Helping Sphero Get Out of the Maze in ROSDS ?

No, you are expected to develop it in the course environment, just like the quizzes and exams. You don’t need ROSDS for this.

Thank you Professor Alberto @albertoezquerro

Thank you Professor Bayode @bayodesegun
Okay. But what if I’m interested to know about ROSDS…Where do I start ? How would that be useful to me? Would that boost my skill in a different way?


ROSDS is more appropriate when you have mastered ROS, at least the basics, because it’s tailored for experienced developers, not beginners. However, you won’t need much preparation to use it if you are already familiar with the learning environment.

The main differences are:

  • You create your packages and code without assistance. You need to know what you are doing.
  • Learning notebooks are not provided. Instead, you create notebooks so that people can understand what you have created.
  • The screens are not fixed, you can move them around.
  • You can share your code on ROSDS for the world to see, or you keep them private if you so wish.
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