ROSDS - Kinetic Gazebo no menu bars......for a whole week

Hi ROSDS Support,

Ok I cannot tolerate anymore, what is going on with gazebo’s menu bar, it is blank …I had been loading it for the whole week or more and still same…

please fix ASAP, as I’m trying to create my own simulation environment in Gazebo…, missing the menu bar…I cannot put anything in there…(box, cylinder etc…)

Hi ROSDS Support,

please fix Gazebo (Kinetic in ROSDS), I don’t have a menu bar still…,

I really need it…

Hi @wai.mak ,

We apologize for that issue, we are already looking into it and will notify you as soon as we have it

Thank you for your patience, let me know if there is something else we can help with


I just had an update.

This is an issue that happens only in kinetic+gazebo, because unfortunately is an old version of gazebo and already reached its end-of-life support. (Distributions - ROS Wiki)

Is there something specific to kinetic? Otherwise I’d suggest that you try the same using melodic or noetic

…, yes because my other bot is only compatible with kinetic…, and I’m trying to build an environment in Gazebo for it…, is it possible that you can resolve this please?

Unfortunately we can’t solve the issue of the bars in gazebo that fast.

I suggest you to create the world using another distro, like melodic or noetic, because there you have gazebo with the menu being shown properly. Then you can use the same .world file with gazebo of kinetic distro.


yea no choice then, guess I just have to go that way… I have just sent another message regarding a different topic on turtlebot, hope you can help as well. thanks