Rosject 1 support rviz

Hi, I was trying to use RVIZ for Laserscan to visualize the laser ranges for the turtlebot. I loaded the simulation as described but in RVIZ i am able to see black robot after loading robotmodel as shown

. Also, how can I see the ranges of robot(I want to check where the 0 is, where the 180 is and so on). I am loading laserscan but it shows red dots square all over. How to do this properly. Cheers

Which specific rosject is this? Is it related to a course or is your personal project?

When you ask for help, please include as much details as possible on what you are working on so people can easily identify and help.

Hi,this project is the ROSject 1(based on ROS in 5 days). The one we need to give presentation on in order to get certificate. Cheers.

You can examine the ranges array from the code, and see if it’s 180/360 points.

I don’t think you can see the exact positions in Rviz, but you can see the spread of the laser with respect to the front of the robot, and with this, you can determine which values of the range represent the middle-front of the robot.

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