Rosject data lost now

Hi, @bayodesegun @ralves @albertoezquerro @roalgoal @duckfrost2
Can you help me restore the data for my rosject “Robot arm”? It seems that after I finishing working with “ROS Basics Real Robot Project”, the rosject data of “Robot arm” is lost and changed to the same data as “ROS Basics Real Robot Project”.
Thanks a lot!


Don’t worry, we will figure out what happened.

When you go to My Rosjects tab, do you see more than one rosjects that are called the same? You might have forked the same rosject more than once.

Can you share a screenshot of the rosject in question?


None of the rosject called the same name.

The rosject “Robot arm” has the problem, please restore the data of it, you can see that although it’s my private rosject, it’s the same as “ROS Basics Real Robot Project”.

I apologize for the glitch.

Your “robot arm” rosject data has been restored.

It’s restored. Thanks!

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