I think the laser doesn’t correctly read in project part_1. To find the laser index out, I read different positions but they don’t make sense. I attached it below.

What about the positions doesn’t make sense?

Think about the orientation of the laser when you look at those printed values

@roalgoal I thought about that. it never makes sense. laser range shows the value for every index, although there is a wall or something just two sides.

It doesn’t make sense, absolutely.

The back of the robot corresponds to the first (and last values). The front is right at the middle

nothing on the back and left why does the laser read a small value?

I can see that the ranges 0 and 719 are around 1.7… That’s the biggest value. If you think the simulation is wrong, then I suggest forking another copy of the rosject, by clicking the same link you got it from. It would be very strange because that simulation has been used by many students for their projects