ROSject Repeatedly Loading - Doesn't Work


I want to create and work on my ROSject, but, every time I open it, it seems to load again and again infinitely and I can never work on it. It throws a connection error, but my Internet connection is fine. The same goes for every aspect of the ROSject (terminal, notebook etc.).

Does anybody have any thoughts on how to solve this?

Thanks, in advance!

Hi Elias!

Sorry for that glitch. Could you please:

  1. Try loading a course and see if the same thing happens? On the course simulation page, please click on the red button at the bottom that says “Report an error” so we can diagnose your environment.
  2. Check if this is happening with your rosject (created by you) or any other rosject you copy.
  3. Please send us screenshots of all that you see when you open your rosject.

Thanks, for the reply!

  1. I tried that with the course. Mainly, there was no problem, but the simulation window. The simulation took a very long time to load (maybe 20 minutes) and loaded again and again repeatedly (like the ROSject.). Now, there is a problem with the courses too. Also, I already reported errors on courses, two times.
  2. This happens with other ROSjects too.
  3. Where should I send the screenshots (of the ROSject error)?

Hi Elias,

I supposed this was resolved when you switched from Firefox to Chrome, as discussed over email? Please confirm.

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Yes, everything is ok!

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