Rosjet user password

Hi, I am trying to use rosjet and import my project there. however in order to install the one of the prerequisite libaries i have to use “sudo” command where i will need to know the password used for user account. May i know what is the password please ?

Hi @louis,

Just use sudo whenever you need to, it won’t ask for a password.

Thank you for your reply, however it does request for password. I have attached a screenshot of the message for your perusal.


Hi @louis,

I don’t know why it’s asking for a password in this case. It shouldn’t. Can you tell us what other commands you have run before this? Can you copy/paste the commands run, from the beginning up to the point where it asked for a password?

Hi @bayodesegun

I just clone a repo ran “make” command in the directory and after that ran “sudo make install”. if you wanna try it yourself you can make a new peoject and run the following commands:

cd pigpio-master
sudo make install

Hi @louis,

I just did that. See excerpts:

user:~$ cd pigpio-master
user:~/pigpio-master$ make
gcc -O3 -Wall -pthread -fpic -c -o pigpio.o pigpio.c
gcc -O3 -Wall -pthread -fpic -c -o command.o command.c
gcc -shared -pthread -Wl,-soname, -o pigpio.o command.o
strip pigs
user:~/pigpio-master$ sudo make install
install -m 0755 -d                             /opt/pigpio/cgi
install -m 0755 -d                             /usr/local/include

Hi @bayodesegun

Thank you for your response. I can use the sudo command in the shell now. I guess the problem was because I was using the terminal from the IDE.

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