Rossrv list | grep MyCustomServiceMessage << it doesn't work

Hi ! I ’ m ROS learner

In middle of Chapter 6. Understanding ROS Service Server, generation of custom srv message.

What I did

  1. roscd
  2. cd …
  3. catkin_make (at catkin_ws)
  4. source devel/setup.bash
  5. rospack profile ( I saw this command another text)
  6. rossrv list | grep MyCustomServiceMessage

but there was nothing result . Just

$ rossrv list | grep MyCustomServiceMessage

user ~ $ rossrv list | grep MyCustomServiceMessage
my_custom_srv_msg_pkg/MyCustomServiceMessage <<This is what I want to get

Can you help me somebody?

Hi, welcome to the community!

When nothing shows up after doing | grep <keyword, then that means it is not available. You can also look for it by typing just rossrv list. If your custom message is not there, then that means that it didn’t build correctly, so you best option would be to look if you added the message in CMakeLists.txt

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Thank you! The problem is solved

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