RTAB-Map in ROS 101 - query on turtlebot

Hi ROSDS Support, All,

I have finished this module and I really like the turtlebot in there and also how it is spawned into the empty cafe and turtlebot in there moves perfectly from point A to B…,

I want to create that kind of environment with turtlebot within one of my ROSJECTs, and I can see that this is like a customised turtlebot package within this module , which is different to the turtlebot I saw in github (GitHub - turtlebot/turtlebot: The turtlebot stack provides all the basic drivers for running and using a TurtleBot.)…, can you please me a link to download this perfect turtlebot in this module ? so that I can replicate this module’s environment into my ROSJECT , so that I can test more and make modifications and also try to enhance my bot with it,

Hello @wai.mak ,

Here you can find our turtlebot repo: Bitbucket

The RTAB course is using the kinetic-gazebo7 branch, but you can also find the simulation in noetic. It’s up to you.

The launch file used for the Coffee simulation is this one: Bitbucket

You might also need to download the hokuyo model repo to make the simulation work properly: Bitbucket


ok and now when I run roslaunch turtlebot_gazebo main.launch in Noetic

I get the error below…am frustrated…

Please advice thanks

Hello @wai.mak ,

It looks like you are not really using the noetic branch since you are trying to run the command xacro.py. In the noetic branch the command is only xacro, as you can see here:


still error after running the command with only xacro, please see below, its another error:

this is the kobuki.launch.xml

please let me know what i’m missing here?

This error says that you are missing the package create_description, so you should download it into your workspace.

do you have the git clone link for Noetic? I can only find the create_description for indigo… spent the whole day…still not working…

I think it has not been ported yet to Noetic, so you should download and compile the indigo version.

Hi @wai.mak
find in this link here the packages that contain the create_description for Noetic: Dropbox - turtlebot_create.tar - Simplify your life

You need to put the packages on the same catkin workspace that you put the other simulation packages

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thanks alot @rtellez , that looks good thanks and do you have a create_description package for kinetic as well? I would like to try it on that too,

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